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Ordinary Healing

ORDINARY HEALING, LLC works to provide workshops, events, therapy and consultations for individuals, couples and groups that are creative, trauma-informed and rooted in concepts of social justice. 

At Ordinary Healing we know that taking the steps towards positive change looks different for each individual. 
We also know that coping with issues of anxiety, trauma,  chronic-stress, and grief can come in many different forms.
Despite most therapists' reliance on traditional talk-therapy alone, evidence shows the use of breathing techniques, singing, movement, writing, and even rapping can be just as effective as  traditionally therapy at providing relief (if not more effective!).  Ordinary Healing integrates these elements and more to bring you a creative therapeutic experience catered to you- whether it's at your business or organization, a retreat, therapy office or in the comfort of your own home. 
Inquire for details about EMDR intensives for those with symptoms of PTSD and phobias using the contact page.

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About Me

My lens aims to be anti-oppressive, anti-racist and trauma-informed. I use creative and integrated therapy to treat anxiety disorders, trauma, and attachment issues. Trained in EMDR (as well as A-Tip, EMD & EMDr), Narrative Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic (mind-body) work, Family Systems Therapy, Hip-Hop Therapy, and Dance/Movement Trauma Work.


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For many of us, sex can be a site of pain, trauma, disconnection, or just plain confusion.

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Money, Money, Money! It can stress you out, make you feel low, and leave us all with anxiety!

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People Always Ask: How Can I Love My Body More?

Do you ever find yourself avoiding mirrors? Feeling sadness when simply noticing your body?

Chantelle has helped me navigate a period of loss and transition. I had tried other therapists before and been unsatisfied. There's no comparison. Chantelle is the best.

Andrew H.

"During my first session with Chantelle, I was convinced she was the therapist for me. Chantelle blends her textbook knowledge and cultural influences masterfully in every session. She provides a safe space every time she communicates with you. Chantelle is a true healer and an asset to anyone’s life"

- S.A.

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