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People Always Ask...How Do I Reclaim My Sexuality? w/ Guest Perle Noire

For many of us, sex can be a site of pain, trauma, disconnection, or just plain confusion. We hear about feeling sexy, being empowered and embodied in your sensuality, but how do you actually get there? Have you ever wished that you had a better relationship with your body and sexuality? Join Host, Chantelle Doswell, LCSW, and special Guest Perle Noire, international burlesque sensation, intuitive healer, creative director, and transformative coach as we discuss: how to reclaim your sexuality? Perle Noire uses her talents a gift to the community; helping women reconnect to their erogenous zones, voice, boundaries, and sensual energy. She specializes in guided sensual touch, empowerment workshops, and burlesque-inspired healing rituals. Ask your questions and get feedback LIVE! THURSDAY AT 7:30PM EST.

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